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I got the Nintendo 3DS!

I got my hands on an awesome black Nintendo 3DS. Since I live in Venezuela, the prices of the device down here are sky high and I really need it for Dimensions, which comes out in mid-May as far as I’m concerned. One of my cousins was going to travel to Miami for business so I asked her if I could give her the money to get the 3DS and she said yes. Last week, she game back and I picked it up.

I got to say that I’m totally impressed. The Nintendo 3DS is much better than I expected. The only game I have right now is Super Street Fighter 4 which is good, very slow paced, but good. The 3D effects the system is capable of producing are literally mind blowing, just like in the movies and PS3 games. I thought the 3D thing was going to be a prettier version of the images like the one in Majora’s Mask sticker (everyone has this cartridge so they must know what I’m talking about). But it literally is 3D. I can’t explain how Nintendo managed to create this but I’m thankful they did. The system is amazing.

The system uses a home menu like the one in the DSi. You have several icons and options to choose from in the lower screen and you use the stylus (which is smaller than the DS’ one) to navigate around them while the upper screen shows a cool 3D image of the icon you’re viewing. It comes with two “games”. One is called AR Games, what you do in it is use some cards that are included in the system and put them on a flat surface, when the 3DS camera is looking at them it instantly recognizes the things and creates images from them and you have minigames. It feels very futuristic because, for example, you have to move around to place where the cards are placed to shoot a dragon. But the truth is that it’s nothing more than a tech demo. Among the cards are some with Mario, Link, Samus, Pikmin and Kirby and you can take cool 3D photos of the characters using them in a cool background that you find.

The second game is called Face Raiders, what you do in it is take pictures of people’s faces and the game fits them in some flying helmets and you move around trying to find them and destroy them for a high score. Just like the AR one, it’s simply a tech demo and not a full game itself; both of them do a really cool job in showing you what the system is capable of. A final cool thing in the system is the Mii creator, just like in the Wii, you can create the avatars but this time you can take a picture of someone’s face and the system will create a Mii that looks just like that person, and of course, you see them in 3D which is very cool.

But now to the important thing: The games. As I mentioned, I only have SSF4 right now. I’m going to write a review for it but as some highlights I can say that the game looks VERY good on the 3DS. The backgrounds were toned down and there’s some lack of anti-aliasing when you turn the 3D off but the effects are amazing, even in the character select menu. In the game you can play arcade mode, a mission mode where you practice cool combos, play with people online and do training. It is a very cool port of SSF4 so, if you’re a fan of the series I truly recommend it.

Besides that, I can say that the system looks very strong. If the 3DS could easily handle SSF4 (which the Wii couldn’t) then I’m even surer that the Wii’s successor is on its way.  The games I tried looked very well graphically and since we now have an analog stick; it gives the system more options for better games. So far, the coolest titles are first party and DOA which are all coming in the following months. I’m truly interested in Ocarina of Time and Kid Icarus but of course, I’ll always keep an eye out for any cool games that might come out for it.

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