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Learning Dante and Chun Li

I think that in the last days I've been getting better in MvC3. Not in pro level or anything like that but I went from losing every match in a night playing with my friends to actually win a lot of them. One of the problems my team had in the beginning (Felicia, Morrigan and Deadpool) was that Deadpool didn't have any support while trying to stay away from the opponent. By adding Chun Li, her assistances help Deadpool a lot. Besides her version of SSF4 is nothing like the one in MvC3. Chun Li is a great character and though her kicks are very easy to pull off, they're very good.

Another character I've been playing with in the last weeks is Amaterasu, she has three different weapons to choose from and they're all different and serve their purpose, she's great and has a very annoying combo where you just press "heavy" several times and she keeps hitting the enemy for heavy damage. With good assistances like the ones Felicia, Deadpool and Chun Li offer, she can be pretty deathly in my team.

The final character I'm going to try and learn is Dante, his style is very cool and he's the one with the most moves in the entire game which means he has more options than everyone else. I like his assistances as well, can support Deadpool and Felicia a lot especially when avoiding being punished by my opponents. I admit my progress with Dante is not very good, I'm having a hard time finding good combos with him but I'm just going to keep trying. 

So this means that I have the following teams ready to be played:

1) Morrigan, Amaterasu, Dante
2) Morrigan, Deadpool, Chun Li
3) Chun Li, Amaterasu, Deadpool
4) Dante, Felicia, Chun Li

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