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Mass Effect progress

I've noticed that I haven't been writing here in the last few days. To be honest I was a bit lazy and I didn't have anything to write about because what I've been doing is checking out my 3DS and playing Mass Effect, along other games I usually talk about here like F1 2010, Madden 11 and Little Big PLanet 2. So I'll just post a bit of my progress in Mass Effect so far.

I'm playing the game as an adept because I like using mages in RPGs and I didn't want Mass Effect to be a blind third-person shooter with a pretty story. The results have been insanely great. I feel like a jedi with a pistol. The biotics in the game allow me to move my targets around the places at my will so they're at the mercy of my companions who are usually most skilled at firearms than me (especially Wrex and Garrus).

The plot has been really interesting so far and most of the side-quests I've been doing are great and engaging. I'm really really happy to have finally picked this game up, after all these years. One of my friends told me that Mass Effect is his favorite series from this gaming generation and I definitely see why. I'm currently trying to find Laira's mother in a frozen planet called Noveria. The woman is acting as Saren's (the bad guy) right hand and I need to stop her and the plan to revive an ancient race of machines called "Reapers" who would just eliminate all life in the Galaxy.

Now, changing topics. Tomorrow I will write a bit about my first impressions on Dissidia 012 which is very good. I spent the last three or four days messing around with it to be able to make good opinions. I have to write a boring essay for college but I'll do my best to write this tomorrow. I'm really wanting to learn how to play Terra, Yuna and Shantoto properly. I also learned that there are three very cool secret characters to unlock and I'm of course going to hunt them down to see what they're up to, especially the FFXI one.

Also, I'm going to write a review for SSF4 3D this week. It's most likely going to be up either friday or in the weekend if I don't go on a trip with my girlfriend's family. Of course, I also plan to write one for Dissidia 012 as soon as possible to have content for new games in the blog.

Finally I'm going to start a serious run of Muramasa: The Demon Blade for the Wii probably tomorrow or wednesday night. I'm really wanting to play this game before God of War III and I'm sure it won't bother my run of Mass Effect. With this, I'm out for today. If you read this, check the reviews, opinions and anime sections in the top section of the blog and tell me what you think on twitter "@Mike_Nieto". There's a lot of new content coming in the following days.

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