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Muramasa is amazing!

I think it was about a year ago when I bought Muramasa, probably more. I remember that I played and liked it a lot but didn't pay enough attention to it so I never actually advanced much. Now, since I already finished Mass Effect, I went and started it again on my Wii, which was kind of abandoned after all the time I spent on it in the DKCR and Epic Yarn times. The result is that I'm completely in love with the game now, especially the art style, which is something like classical Japanese mythology.

The game features two different stories, in one you play as a renegade ninja named Kisuke who lost his memory and is being chased around by dangerous ninjas and monsters and the other story is about a girl named Momohime whose body was taken up by a demon who is trying to get power from different Japanese blades. It is a 2D sidescroller focused on an intense combat system where you get attacked by a lot of enemies at the same time and have to use combos and other techniques to defend yourself.

In it, you have the option to level up your character to gain more HP and attack power, create blades and equipping them, cook food to carry around and eat when needed, etc. But the most impressive things to me so far are the graphics, which feel like you're playing inside a Japanese painting, it's really great and though some of the locations tend to repeat themselves, they're all beautiful to look at and jump around. 

I'm currently playing with Momohime, got to level 8 with her and defeated two challenging bosses (I'm playing in "Shura" mode, which is just the hard difficulty). The next time I pick it up I'm going to play Kisuke's story to go around both of them at the same time. In other news, I also want to start Okami on my PS2 because since I have the rest of the week free from college I can take a lot of time for gaming. Anyways, I truly recommend this Muramasa game if you own a Wii, it's really impressive, challenging and difficult. 

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