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My opinions on SSF4 are slowly changing

Since I was a little kid I've always despised the Street Fighter series because I don't like the cast of characters and the moves were a little too hard to pull off on the SNES controller. I was always a Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct guy in the old days. After I switched to Dead or Alive in the Dreamcast era I kept seeing as "new" SF titles were being released but looked and played exactly the same as the SNES ones. I even have a couple of them for the Sega console for some reason.

The fact is that after years of Dead or Alive I saw how the entire industry was very excited about SF4 (and SSF4 afterwards) but even though I kept reading about the things it was going to have, it never got me interested. I even played it a little with some friends and didn't like it. That was until the 3DS arrived.

Since SSF4 is the only game I have for the 3DS right now, I've had no choice but to mess around a lot with it. To be honest, I hate the cast of characters. The vast majority look and act very lame (especially El Fuerte, Cody, Rufus and Dhalsim) and I can't stand Chun Li's legs even though I like to play as her in MvC3. But there's one character that I'm actually liking a lot, Ibuki, the ninja schoolgirl. She has a pretty lame personality and annoying voice but her moves are quite amazing and for what I've been seeing on YouTube, her combos are very deathly and not very hard to pull off.

So I've been spending these days playing people in the online matches and I've actually gotten good results with Ibuki. I have around 60% win rate which is great for a game as complicated as SSF4 and that I don't really like much. The truth is that as long as I play Ibuki, I can enjoy the game but all the other characters I've tried are horrible, I simply can't understand why people like Ryu or Ken. They're just souless generic martial artists... and I thought Akira from Virtua Fighter was generic.

I'd also like to take the opportunity and mention that Dead or Alive Dimensions FINALLY has an official release date for America: May 24th. I was already notified by (my pre-order is from there) but the truth is that if I see it in a store before the Amazon copy gets here I'll just buy it and end up with two copies of the same game. I don't care, it is DOA.

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