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New figures upcoming!

There are a trio of Final Fantasy XIII figures that have been in my Amazon wishlist for about a year now, they're Lightning, Snow and Vanille. The party I used in pretty much the entire game. I noticed that they were becoming a little bit expensive, probably because they're rare now that the game has been out for so long. At first they were about 20 dollars each but now Lightning was at 42$ and Vanille at 31$ and the rest of the articles were even more expensive so I just went an ordered the three of them.

For what I've been seeing in several online pictures, the figures seem to be of excellent quality, which is normal in products related to FF games, I own a lot of figures from the series and they're all excellent so I trust these ones won't disappoint me the moment they get here.

Look at them:

The details in the clothes seem to be excellent and the faces are just like the game versions of the characters, which sometime change a bit in some figures (I have a Cloud Strife which looks nothing like the FF7 protagonist). I seriously can't wait for them to get here now, the dilemma I have is whether or not to get them out of their boxes, I need to think that through...

I will of course, take some pictures of mine as soon as they get here to add them to the Anime and Figures page in the blog.

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