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New reviews coming up!

I think I have everything ready to be able and post reviews for SSF4 3D, Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light and Dissidia 012. In the case of this last one, I still want to mess around a little with story mode and its online capabilities before writing about them. I think the three articles should be up by Monday, one per day, starting today.

I already tried all the modes in SSF4 3D and feel confident about writing its review, it's going to be good. I think I'll focus a little more on the gameplay, 3D effects and how this game can be handled by the 3DS and not the Wii. In the case of 4HOL, I haven't actually finished the game because I'm hooked in Mass Effect. But I've done so much stuff with the battle system and exploration that I'm sure I can write the review. Finally, and as I mentioned already, while I already played about 9 hours of Dissidia 012. There are some important things that I still haven't tried and they're vital for the review, in my opinion.

Changing subjects, I'm about to finish Mass Effect's story. There's only one mission left in it and the plot is just great. [MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT] In a stupid conversation about the Krogan's cure, Ashley killed Wrex trying to save me. I loved Wrex but never liked Ashley so I left her to die in Saren's facility and went to save Kaidan instead. This means the party I'll finish the game with is Kaidan, Garrus and Shepard. 

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