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PS2 and old-school gameplay

One of the things I want to start doing is play old-school games again. When I created the blog I got hooked by Wave Race 64 and Megaman 4 for a few weeks but the truth is that given the fact that I'm not a graphics-whore, I can enjoy any game even if the graphics are from an old console. I have a lot of games for my PS2 and Gamecube that I never even started because some of them were just bought recently because I wanted to collect them.

Some of those games include Mario Sunshine, Okami, and the Devil May Cry trilogy, Pikmin, Ico, among others. Those games are very famous and as a hardcore gamer, I believe that it is my duty to pay respect to them and finish their stories. I have played a lot of PS2 games this generation, God of War 1 and 2, Final Fantasy X-2, Tales of the Abyss, Shadow of the Colossus and Ratchet & Clank 1, to be specific and I enjoyed them a whole lot so I don't see why my gaming time should only be focused on the three current home consoles and the portable ones.

Besides the PS2 and Gamecube, I have a lot of stuff on PS1 and N64 that I would love to play as well. Just a couple of weeks before creating the blog, I started yet another run of Final Fantasy VIII on my PSX, which is plugged in my garden, while the environment for gaming there is truly epic, the game wasn't (You can read my opinions on FFVIII here). But there are many titles that I'd like to give a try even if it's just for killing boredom, example: Star Wars Episode I Racing which is a very underrated and obscure racing game for  the N64 and it is VERY good. On the PSX I have Parasite Eve, Legend of the Dragoon and others which could be great to play even nowdays.

But one of the old-school games that I truly want to finish is Final Fantasy V, which I own for the GBA. I really don't remember anything about it and since I'm playing a lot with Bartz in Dissidia 012, I'd like to finish the game he comes from. But between FFV and me is a huge mountain of unfinished games that I want to finish as well, mostly out of compromise with the money I paid for them but I don't know. I might just end up playing FFV instead.

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