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Regarding the PSN's intrusion

Last Wednesday, the PlayStation Network went down without much explanation on Sony’s part. At first, I thought it was because of system maintenance or just the whole thing being messy but after two days I read that Sony was actually talking about an “external intrusion”, which means that one or a group of hackers went inside the system to compromise info and just mess with the PSN and Qriocity.

Ever since one asshole somewhere (don’t know the name and don’t want to know) found out a way to install pirated firmware on the PS3 to pirate the games, download paid stuff for free and just turn the PS3 into a piracy paradise, Sony has not had even a day to rest. As a hardcore gamer that I am, my opinion is that this is a very evil thing to do. There is no excuse; no one has the right to do this.

As far as I’m concerned, there are 75 million accounts registered into the PSN, but talking about actual people, the real number must be around 25-30 million of active users in both PS3 and PSP right now. Several of those users have multiple accounts, myself included (I have the US account I normally use and a Japanese one to download demos and trailers from the Japanese PS Store). This means that there are 25-30 million people out there affected by this stupid asshole (s) whim. We cannot go online in our consoles to play our games, download stuff, and chat with our mates or whatever, all because of one idiot somewhere.

But if the PSN being down wasn’t enough, Sony stated today that every account’s personal info “may have been” compromised, including our names, addresses, e-mails and even credit card accounts. In my personal case, I have no worries with this because my credit card’s info was never put into the PSN (I buy stuff from it using prepaid cards) but there are millions out there who do and might now be robbed because of this.

It has been an entire week and from what I read, Sony is actually rebuilding the entire PSN from scratch to be able to have better security. Of course, there are tons of rumors flying around forums, things like “PSN will never come back”, “Sony will cease making consoles”, and “PSN will now be paid like Xbox Live”. To me, these are all absurd statements but who knows? I think they will just rebuild the system and we will be able to access it again.

But now, for a company as powerful as Sony to have a worldwide system down for an entire week (and who knows how many more days), the intrusion must have been very big, I don’t know anything about programming but if it were a hacker’s small work, the PSN would have been down only for a few hours before Sony could have fixed everything.

It would be great if Nintendo and Microsoft could help Sony in a time like this, even if they’re competing a lot, this could also have happened to any other online entertainment company and I think the big N and Xbox’s maker should step in and support Sony. I just hope that Sony is able to deal with this, I own all the six consoles of this generation (including the 3DS) and in my opinion, the PS3 has had the best evolution of all of them. It started as a very lame and overpriced machine at 600$ with Ridge Racer 7 and Resistance 1 but after all this years, it is a truly magnificent console. Sony does not deserve this and in this post, I offer my complete support for them and their work. 

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