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Dead or Alive Dimensions and DiRT 3 are here!

I finally got the two games I was looking forward to: Dead or Alive Dimensions for the 3DS and DiRT 3 for the PS3! The games are simply incredible, DOA looks amazing on the 3DS though I have to admit that I was used to seeing DOA graphics in home consoles being the best of the best (for their time) so looking at a DOA game in a handheld console is a bit weird. 

The game modes are very entertaining and all the characters seem to have the movesets from DOA4 which is great. Right now I'm trying to get used to Helena, Ryu and Jann Lee though Kasumi is tempting me. There are a couple gameplay mechanic changes that I don't like but I'll elaborate about that in another article about the game.

DiRT 3 is incredibly good as well, the graphics are much better than DiRT 2's and I seriously didn't though Codemasters could do this, I tried some rally, rallycross and gymkana events and wow, the game is a blast, Codies did it again. But I'm starting to wonder if they'll ever release a GRID 2...

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