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DiRT 3 first impressions!

I’ve been playing a bit of the DiRT Tour and the truth is that I’m more than satisfied. While I’ve always been an RPG and Fighting game player, DiRT has become one of my favorite series in this generation (Yes, I know DiRT is just another name for the old Collin McRae series).

One of the curious things in the game is that Codemasters went back to the old classic menu styles where you simply choose the options and the game mode from a list, instead of the simulation of a location like the menus in DiRT 2 and F1 2010. But that’s not a bad thing.  So far, the most impressive things are the visuals. I bought the game for the PS3 and in that console, the two most beautiful games for me are Final Fantasy XIII and Uncharted 2, but trust me, DiRT 3 definitely deserves a spot there. The visuals are excellent, much better than the second entry, and we didn’t even think that would be possible.

Most of the game modes from the previous games are back: Rally, Landrush, Trailblazer, Crossover, Rallycross and a couple new ones, Gymkana which is the freestyle mode where you just do whatever tricks you want for points and Drifting, where you have to drive around a track doing drift tricks for points as well. They’re all excellent. The tracks so far have been great, including the locations which now include Norway, Kenya and more.

I truly didn’t think Codemasters could top what they did in DiRT 2 but they have and the game is MUCH better than Gran Turismo 5.

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