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DOA Dimensions update

I've been spending the day playing some online matches in DOA Dimensions. So far, my favorite characters are Helena and Jann Lee which is kind of logical given that they were my favorite from DOA3 and 4. I'm doing great in it with 56 wins and 0 loses so far. All my opponents seem to be players new to the series because most of them didn't have any idea what they were doing so I won easily. I want to climb up the ranks to play good people now.

I already started to experience problems when my opponents just spam the mid-hit holds so I'm forced to play Jann Lee and Helena focusing on high and low strikes but that's probably better so I avoid spamming mid-hits. I also have to admit that I'm finding difficulties getting used to the small control pad the 3DS offers but other than that, everything in the game has been great so far.

Now I'm just going to spend the rest of the Sunday in FFV and DiRT 3 while I upload some new Dissidia 012 videos which will of course be here in the blog.

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