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Final Fantasy V has started

I have something to admit as the huge FF fan that I am: I have never played Final Fantasy V. I've owned the GBA version for some years now and I even had the PS1 version with the save bug in my hands but for some reason I never finished the game. That is about to change because I finally started my GBA version of FFV and I'm 100% in love with it. 

From what I see, FFV is like a 2D version of FFX-2 (gameplay-wise). You have four characters: Bartz, Lenna, Fairs and Galuf and they have access to an incredible amount of jobs, all with their own abilities that can even be shared between them, example, you can use a Knight able to throw items like the Ninjas or a Monk able to cast white magic (Like Prishe from FFXI). Meaning that the possibilities are pretty much, unlimited. 

For a game as old as FFV, the battle system is surprisingly complex and that is a great thing because I didn't want it to be as simple as FF1, but then again, this came after IV which is considered the real beginning of the serious FF games. The story is (so far) very simple, with a group of adventurers led by Bartz traveling around the world trying to protect the elemental crystals seen in many other games from the series from an evil being.

One of the things I like about it outside the battles is that the game doesn't take itself very seriously and there are several spots here and there where the game tries to be funny (Like when Bartz and Galuf find out Faris is actually a woman) and though they don't have much character development, the characters are likable and none of them is annoying. I'm really excited to try out every job (except the Blue Mage) and see what they offer. So far my favorite ones are the Monk and Mystic Knight but that could easily change. I'm also extremely eager to fight Gilgamesh in the Big Bridge, one of the most iconic moments in Final Fantasy and I've never played through that!

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