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I’m really pissed off at my university right now because thanks to it’s stupid assignments I haven’t been able to write much for the blog. For example, I finished Muramasa about three weeks ago and I haven’t wrote the review yet. I also got DiRT 3 and DOAD and haven’t had much time to even play them like I want to. There are many articles I want to write for this site.

But, in an important update. I need to say that I decided to give up on Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light for the DS, which I bought with a lot of excitement. I simply lost interest in it after a few hours into it and I don’t want to finish it just for a feel of responsibility I’d rather play something else so, at least for now, there won’t be a review for that game and I won’t go back to it.

I’m also back into F1 2010 which I started playing a little because of DiRT 3. It feels great because though both games come from the same developer, their styles are so different that playing both of them feel even kind of magical. I also want to go back to Little Big Planet 2. I want to create a map on it but the tutorials are so long and vast that I feel like I need to give everything up just to get into it and that has stopped me a little.

I’m going to try to use my gaming time in a better way this two upcoming months, June and July will be full of university stuff as well but I’ll try to keep the articles and gaming activity as active as possible.

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