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I finished Dissidia 012's story!

After about a month of extreme dedication, I finally finished the main storylines in Dissidia 012. I am completely in love with this game, thing that I really never expected to happen. Because of this game, my 3DS is inside a closet just lying around, waiting for DOA Dimensions to come out. 

Dissidia 012 has two storylines; one is called "Scenario 012" and features the new playable characters: Kain, Tifa, Laguna, Yuna, Vaan and Lightning. After you finish that one, you unlock "Scenario 013" which is basically the main storyline of the first game where you use each of the protagonists from the first ten FF games, from the Warrior of Light, to Tidus. 

Now, there are a couple more things to do in the game story-wise. One is "Scenario 000" where you take a party of five characters of your choice (including the villains) and fight the hardest gateways in the game, and then the Reports which explain "plot holes" from the game and part of the prequels featuring Shantotto, Prishe, Gabranth and the Warrior of Light.

But before that I'm just going to mess around with every character and try to level them up a bit so I can take full advantage of what they offer. My three favorite characters are Terra, Yuna and Bartz but I'm seriously starting to love Garland, Gabranth, Warrior of Light and even Squall (which is surprisingly good given that his game is hated by me). I like Gabranth's style because he requires a full EX gauge to use his abilities to the maximum.

So, that means that even after DOA Dimensions and DiRT 3 come out, I'll keep playing Dissidia 012 because to be honest, the game surprised me, it's one of my favorite titles from the generation and my top favorite PSP game.

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