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More Dissidia 012 progress

I have made a decision to stop playing Okami, at least for now. I simply won't enjoy it because of my hype for Dimensions and DiRT 3 (I realized they come out in the same day) and I'll just do everything on it in a rush and that's not fair on it. Instead I'll just keep finishing the stories in Dissidia 012 and leveling up the characters I like. With that, I'm more than satisfied. But I'm really really desperate to play Dead or Alive. I really hope it is as good as it looks.

My progress in Dissidia has been really good the past days. I already have a few characters around level 45-55 with tons of skills mastered, they are Yuna, Terra, Bartz, Tidus, Tifa, Cloud, Onion Knight, Prishe and Shantotto. I only have 3 stories to finish to unlock the epilogue. I'm currently playing Cecil's one and to be honest, I don't like him very much. The system he uses to change jobs limits his options when trying to take out some bravery in my opinion. Then I'll have to play Zidane and the Warrior of Light.

I kind of want to start FFV but I'm scared that once DOAD and DIRT3 come out I'll slowly abandon it (like it happened with 4 Heroes of Light), so I don't know. What I'm 100% sure of is that once those games come out, this place will start to be bombed with posts again.

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