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Muramasa is over

I just finished Kisuke's story in Muramasa, which means the game is finally over. His campaign is great just like Momohime's but to be honest, I enjoyed the chick's bosses more. Every boss in Kisuke's playthrough is very easy and not as magnificent, but they're not bad. I will write a review for the game during the week focusing on the art-style and gameplay which were the best features in it. I'm pretty sure it is going to be ready by the weekend.

Now, I'm wondering what to play next. I'm leaning towards Okami for the PS2 which could be good but I'm not sure. I also have God of War III, Fallout 3, Star Ocean 4 and others so I need to make up my mind. Also, something very cool happened to me. My cousin who recently got a PS3 gave me his PS2 because he was no longer using it, the console is not in a great shape but it works perfectly and I can easily take it to my university to play stuff on it with my buddies while we wait for the classes.

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