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"New" Final Fantasy figures!

I got all these figures about two weeks ago in a big shipment I bought from Amazon. As you all know, I'm extremely hooked into Dissidia 012 (that's basically why I haven't been able to post that much, that and university) so I just went and bought some figures from the FF series that I wanted. 

From the Dissidia series I wanted to buy Terra and Bartz because they're two of my favorite characters, I also wanted Cloud in his FF7 outfit because the one I have is wearing the Advent Children costume. So, since Bartz only comes in a pack of five figures I'm not really interested in (he comes with Firion, Cecil and others) I went and ordered Terra and Cloud. Here are the pics

I know the pics aren't very good but the truth is that these two won't come out of their blisters, at least not anytime soon. Something tells me that these figures will be worth a fortune in some years, specially if Square-Enix decided to turn Dissidia into a complete series and they keep releasing new products from it (which is what's most likely going to happen) so Terra and Cloud are staying like that.

Besides those two, I ordered the three characters I liked the most from FF13: Lightning, Snow and Vanille. They were in my Amazon wishlist for quite some time and when I noticed they started to get more and more expensive I ordered them. Lightning alone was about 42 dollars... but in my opinion, it was worth it. The figures are amazing. Pics:

With these three, I'm still trying to decide if I open them or not. They'd look incredibly good together with my other figures but I also feel that I should leave them closed because the truth is that they're becoming quite rare and in a few years a trio of FF13 Play Arts Kai could be worth hundreds of dollars. Still, I'm gonna try to decide what to do with them in the following days... 

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