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Nothing new to post in the week

This week has been really weak for my gaming activities, the truth is that besides finishing Muramasa and advancing some in Dissidia 012, I haven't done ANYTHING. I plan to start Okami either tonight or tomorrow, same with Muramasa's review but I've just been a little busy with university stuff and haven't been really motivated to play a new game yet.

I suppose that I just lost the hype for writing everything down here but I do plan to keep this going, I have a lot of content planned that will eventually make it here. Most likely slowly since I'm alone taking care of the blog. So, I'm almost sure that the next game I'm going to start is Okami and I also want to do an RPG. I'm thinking about Fallout 3 or Star Ocean 4 but FFV is also there. I might play it on my DS Lite.

On the actual important news (connected with what the blog is about), my figures from the FFXIII characters arrived yesterday and they're bigger than I expected and inside the blisters look really really good. My camera is not with me today so I can't take any pictures but I'll pick it up over the weekend and post photos of the figures.

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