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Okami first impressions!

I started Okami for the PS2, it's very good so far though a bit slow paced. The game feels like a Zelda title, in which you control your character in really beautiful landscapes together with a trusty companion (in this case, intead of Navi or Tatl, you are accompanied by a bug kinda-thing named Issun) and help people, finish quests and kill enemies in dungeons. Okami tells the story of an 8-headed Dragon who threatens the entire Nippon (Japan) country with an evil course and Amaterasu, a white beautiful wolf is responsible for bringing it down.

For a PS2 game, the graphics are mind-blowing, it uses 100% cel-shade and the result is great. Looks better than a lot of games I've played for the Wii. This is great because even though I never stop enjoying a good game if it has old graphics, you can't help but notice that, sometimes, things would be better with the actual power of the PS3 and Xbox 360, so far, I'm enjoying the game a lot. Will keep posting my experiences with it.

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