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Anime update 10/06/11

Since I went to that anime convention last weekend I've been really hooked to the DVDs I got, taking the opportunity to watch the series while I download the free games from the PlayStation Welcome Back Program (I got Infamous, Dead Nation, ModNation Racers PSP and Pursuit Force). I'm currently watching four different series. Little opinions about them:

- Rio Rainbow Gate: It's not very good to be honest, it's supposed to be an ecchi series but the ecchi is almost nowhere to be seen, the characters are retarded and the plot is boring and almost non-existent. I already watched six episodes which is half of the series so I'll just keep going at least one episode per day until it's over.

- Tora Dora: I already watched the first half of this one a few months ago and I really liked it, I'm going through it again to refresh everything, it's the typical comedy/drama plot about highschool students. I really like this genre and the series is actually pretty good. One of my friends is just like the protagonist (or at least she pretends to be).

- Code Geass: I've only watched about five episodes of this one and it's very good, the world on it is very cool and the plot is very interesting, I also like the art style. It seems like a long series, about 50 episodes maybe more but I'll take it easy with this one.

- Blue Dragon: It's the one I like the most, it really feels like I'm 8-years-old and I'm watching the original Dragon Ball again. The art style, humor, battles, plot and characters are amazing. I truly truly recommend this series. I've only watched six episodes and I'm already in love with it. Trust me, it is awesome.

So, besides all that I'm playing a huge mountain of games. If everything goes according to plan I should have DOA Dimensions' review up by Sunday night because I'm most likely going to spend the weekend on Halo, DKCR and Dead or Alive with my buddies.

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