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Caracas Fan Fest!

There was an anime convention this weekend in the city where I live (Caracas, Venezuela). I went there with my girlfriend and some buddies to pick burned anime dvds up and just check things out. I bought some series which I've been wanted to watch like Blue Dragon, Tales of Vesperia's OVA and Code Geass and picked up some stuff I just found like an ecchi series called Rio Rainbow Gate.

I watched the first episodes of Blue Dragon, which is about a boy with the power to summon a blue-colored dragon from his shadow adventuring with some friends and stuff like that. The series' characters look a lot like Dragon Ball's which is great. The story and the world are very interesting. I also tried Rio Rainbow Gate which is about a beautiful girl who works in a casino and has the power to bring luck to the place's visitors and players, the series seems very fun, with lots of humor and pretty girls.

The first episode of Code Geass was also amazing, I didn't know it was about mechas so that takes my interest to a new whole level and the last one I tried is Tora Dora which I never watched completely. This last one is a humor/drama mix about high-school students, I like this genre. I got some other stuff as well like the last episodes of Saint Seiya's Hades saga, Evangelion's remake and a movie called "The Girl Who Leap Through Time". 

I'll keep watching all this stuff and post my opinions on them in the near future.

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