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New Nintendo console unveiled: Wii U

Like I said several times before, Nintendo has revealed the successor to the Wii in today's press conference at E3 Expo 2011. The system seems to be very peculiar, especially because of the controller which has all the common buttons we've been using for almost two decades but the new thing here is a 6.2 inches touch-screen in the middle which can display the game on it like a portable device, creating pretty much unlimited options when trying to innovate games while using both the HDTV (Yes, a Nintendo console with HD graphics FINALLY) and the controller's screen. It can scan the TV to do things like use the controller as a shield when an enemy in the TV is trying to fire arrows at you and things like that.

The system seems to be at least as powerful as the PS3 and according the Reggie, it already has tons of great third party developers working on it with games like Ninja Gaiden 3 and Battlefield 3. This is also great given the little support the original Wii has. It is very common to see tons of games making it to the PS3 and the Kinectbox 360 (ahem.. I mean Xbox) but not the Wii. It's definitely good to see Nintendo reaching out to the first party support again.

Take a look at some of the new console's pictures:

A look at the unusual new controller for the console. It features a 6.2 inches touchscreen, two analog sticks, four face buttons and a D-pad.

This is the back of the controller, it has two L and two R buttons.

The Wii U controller with a tech demo of Super Mario Bros Wii on it's screen.

And this is the console itself, it will read 12cm HD disc for the games and has backwards compatibility with the original Wii.

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