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Ocarina of Time 3D first impressions and activities updates

Ok here goes, the past week was very busy in terms of pretty much everything but I'll just talk about the geeky activities. The most important thing that happened this week (gaming-wise) was that I got Ocarina of Time 3D on launch, that means, today Sunday. I'm extremely pleased with it so far. The game is basically the exact same thing but with remade graphics and 3D effects. You can also see some extra objects in the walls in some houses but the normal quest (remember the game has Master Quest on it) is basically the same thing we all played in the N64. I complete the Deku Tree dungeon and did a few things before going to Dodongo's Cavern like learn a few songs, get a couple of bottles and the Hylian Shield. The game is VERY good, I totally recommend it.

Here are a group of screenshots taken from different sites:

One of the "negative" aspects I see in the game is that it forces you to use the stylus to make use of two of the items you equip (you can equip four items this time, two in the Y and X buttons and two available as icons in the touch screen, the ocarina has a reserved spot and is always there) so I believe that the best way to use those is to equip non-combat items there like the bottles or magic beans maybe, while you use X and Y to equip the Boomerang, Bow, Bombs and other combat-related items.

Now, changing subjects: I got a year of Xbox Live Gold Subscription from a change of two of my old games and started playing Halo Reach and DOA4 online. I am extremely pleased to see DOA4 still active and strong with different groups of good people playing it at almost any time in the day. Surprisingly, the game's matches have been running extremely well even in the early nights (around 7-10pm), five years ago I had to wait at least until 11pm to be able to play it without lag because the ISP in my country was always busy.

Halo Reach runs great as well and though I'm not very good at it, the game is tons of fun. I love playing team slayer and firefight matches using the DMR and Assault Rifle as well as other weapons. While we Halo fans must admit that they're probably releasing more Halo games than necessary, no one can't deny that all of them have incredible quality.

Besides the Xbox 360 games, I got Mortal Kombat for the PS3 which I bought from Amazon at 39.99$. I like the game a lot, probably more than MvsC3 but I'm a bit disappointed because Robot Smoke, my favorite character from Ultimate MK3 is not there because of a retarded change in the storyline where Raiden saves Smoke from turning into a Cyborg but fails to save Sub-Zero, so we end up with two shitty versions of the blue ninja. But anyway, the character I like the most as of today is Noob Saibot. That's incredible because I always tend to main a hot big-breasted girl in my fighting games but oh well, this is Mortal Kombat. 

N.Saibot has excellent combos, safe ranged attacks and a quick grab that works perfectly for punishing from a distance. I really really like him. I tried other characters that I liked, for example Reptile was great, he's fast and deadly with the correct use of his acid balls and combos, Jhonny Cage and Liu Kang were great as well though I only played as them in story mode and Kitana (hey! the big-titted girl!) who has an insane mobility and excellent use of her fans.

I'm also back into Pokemon because I got my interest back after my Pokedex 3D started to grow in numbers. I tried several different creatures with weird and uncommon types like Trubbish (poison-type) and Vanillite (Ice-type) but their stats and available moves made me vomit so I'm back into my old team of only four pokémon: Sawk (Fight-type), Emboar (Fire-type), Leavanny (Bug/Grass-type) and Unfeazant (Flying/Normal). I'm especially happy with Sawk and Leavanny on the team, they feel like my old combination of Hitmonchan + Scizor.

And finally, to start closing this post. I finished watching Tora Dora and I loved it. As I said in previous entries, it is a common drama/comedy series about a group of Japanese high-school students, but the plot and events are cool. It's only 25 episodes so I took one of these past nights to watch the second half completely, the equivalent to watching two movies in a row. I've also advanced slowly through the other series though I admit that I could simply stop with Rio Rainbow Gate, I'll just finish it during the week.

And as the last comment I can say that this week will get reviews for Dead or Alive Dimensions, Tora Dora. I'm having a more relaxed week this time (though I do have to study a lot of Japanese) so I'll make sure to write them. Also, If I finish Mortal Kombat's story and OoT 3D I'll try to get their reviews up as well.

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