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Dissidia 012 DLC

I don't remember mentioning this on the blog (need to start blogging more asap) but about a month ago I joined this local group of people who get together in a nearby place to play portable consoles. They're all, of course, huge Pokémon and Monster Hunter fans but I joined because of DOA Dimensions and to have people to play the 3DS games.

The thing is that this Saturday, one of them was talking with me about Dissidia 012 and I was explaining how the game worked and things like that and he mentioned that he saw some DLC available for it at the PlayStation's Store. 

When I was really hooked into the game, about two months ago, the only item available was a free costume for the Warrior of Light which I obviously got and use all the time. I was aware of DLC for it being available in the Japanese PS Store but since I got a little separated from the game I just never noticed it became available in the American one.

Since I had a 20$ prepaid card lying around which I was planning on spending on the MK9 characters I decided to check it out and buy some of the things as an incentive to get back into Dissidia. Among the available items are cool costumes for several characters like the Dancer clothes for Bartz, the Gunner outfit for Yuna, the black coat from the theater for Zidane and the Kingdom Heart's version of Sephiroth. I of course got all the costumes except Vaan's, Kuja's and the Emperor's because they're characters I don't really like much.

There were many BGMs available as well, one pack from each game from FF1 to 13. I got all of them starting from FFV so now I'll be able to fight listening to Chocobos of Cocoon from FF13 and the Chocobo Battle Theme from FF7. Might sound uninteresting but for a huge FF fan like me, this is great.

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