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Figure pictures 28-07-11

Today while reorganizing some of the stuff in my room, I decided to open the FFXIII Play Arts Kai I recently got. So I took some pictures of them and other figures. Enjoy:

This is a very classic Spawn figure I've owned since I was a kid. Probably the late 90s maybe even earlier. I love it.

These ones are the three FFXIII Play Arts Kai I have, from left, Vanille, Lightning and Snow.

Lightning posed just like her official FFXIII image.

Vanille posed on my room.

Snow ready to kick some ass.

Another shot of Vanille.

Lightning's second shot, I love the level of detail in this figure.

Snow's figure is amazing. They even made it much bigger than Light and Vanille.

A final shot of the three together.

These ones are my Rikku Play Arts from FFX-2 and Spawn series 3. The McFarlane figure is very old. I got it about 15 years ago maybe.

A second (blurry) shot of Rikku with Spawn.

These ones are a Tifa statue I got in 2001 as far as I remember and a Deadpool figure I bought a few months ago. Everyone loves Deadpool!

This one is Kasumi accompanied by Deadpool.

A second shot of Kasumi and Deadpool.

These ones are Menace from Queen's Blade and a Bunny Girl Bome.

In this one, Menace and the Bunny Girl are accompanied by a second Kasumi figure, a Bome.

Two of my Bomes, Kasumi in her black ninja outfit and a bunny girl.

These ones are part of my classic McFarlance monsters collection. I've got about 12 of these guys, they're all from the mid to late 90s.

A second shot of three of the McFarlane figures.

A third one.

Lastly, a second shot of the classic Spawn figure.

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