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Nintendo announces huge 3DS price cut

To gamers like me who already own the console, the Nintendo 3DS sales are probably not very important and we don't notice things like that, but the truth is that even if the system manages something incredible like delivering 3D graphics without the need of the retarded glasses, it's sales are not good at all.

It has been rumored over the past weeks that the big N was really worried about this, some of their most famous members in Japan even admitted the console's sales weren't what they expected at first. They blamed the games, and of course it's the games. 

I've had my 3DS with me since April and I've only gotten three games for it, and could easily live with only two of them. I have SSF4, DOA and Zelda which are considered the best games on it. One is already available in the next-gen consoles, the other is a casual version of an Xbox 360 classic and the last one is a port of a 13-year-old N64 game.

This means that something is not right. The third party suppord Reggie talked so much about in the last two E3 press conferences is almost gone. Megaman Legends 3 was cancelled recently and many other games already suffered the same fate over the past months. So even if the huge Nintendo first-party names are coming (and they all look great), they must have realized that they were on trouble.

Nintendo has just announced an 80$ price cut on the system in the American continent. Which means that at 170$, the 3DS sales will definitely rise a lot. Besides that, all the early-buyers will get 20 free virtual console games if they connect the system to the Nintendo e-shop before August 12th (the date the price cut starts).

At that price, I'm pretty sure that we can consider the PSP a dead machine, which means Sony needs to make a move and either cut the price of the PSP or lower the launch price of the PSVita. I don't really think they'll sell the Vita at less than 250$ but it could definitely be a smart move.

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