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Summer (and part Winter) gaming lineup

Now that my semester in college is almost finished, I've been spending the last two weeks writing and studying things for my classes. This has reduced my gaming time drastically to the point where I only played about 4 hours last week and in this one I only played a little MK9 a couple hours ago. 

The thing is that I want to start gaming strongly again and if everything goes alright, I'll be able to start on friday. I gotta admit that I completely forgot about Final Fantasy V, I need to resume my run of that game which was amazing until I got kinda stuck and stopped until I forgot about it. 

I'm also going to start playing Dissidia 012 to see if I manage to max three parties like I originally planned to, I want to explore the dungeon and finish Main Scenario 000 which I never started. All of this means that I've got a lot of hours of gameplay left in this game. 

Then I'll keep going with the career modes in all my racing games: Gran Turismo 5, which i've bashed a lot but since I already own it I might as well give it another try, DiRT 3 and F1 2010 which I already love and finally, ModNation Racers which I got about four months ago, played it for about two weeks and then simply stopped, I liked it a lot and I wanna go back into it at least casually.

Besides the racing games, I have the fighting ones which are BlazBlue, DOA4, Dimensions and Mortal Kombat 9. In Blazblue's case, I really want to at least become used to playing with at least two characters. My favorite ones on it are Platinum and Litchi, I found a really cool guy who is very good at it, I need to take the opportunity to learn stuff from him.

In DOA4's case, the online multiplayer still has several good players at most hours which is great. I want to play it online at nights. Dimensions is another issue, I hate the online multiplayer in that game but I admit that Jann Lee and Kasumi always make me come back for at least a couple matches all the time.

Then there's MK9 which I love and might even buy the four DLC characters. Only three of them are available right now, Skarlet, Kenshi and Rain and they all look very cool. The character roster in this game is amazing, I like at least seven characters from it and want to learn to play them all.

I've got my shooters as well, I mean, I have a lot of shooters but I only like playing two of them: Halo and Uncharted 2. Reach is excellent, I love playing Team Slayer and Firefight on it while Team Deathmatch and Survival mode in Uncharted 2 are simply perfect. 

Zelda 3D is also unfinished, I need to play Master Quest on it (with three hearts of course) so that needs to happen and besides it I want to finish at least two of my JRPGs. As I've mentioned before in the blog, I have Star Ocean 4 for the PS3 while for the Xbox 360 I have Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and Eternal Sonata.

My PS2 is also available as well, I love that console with a passion and have many great games for it that I haven't even started, like Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, the Jak trilogy, Okami and Dirge of Cerberus.  I have two consoles so I could plug one on my garden and enjoy gaming there which is great.

And finally, I want to take the opportunity this summer to see if I play the mirror quest in Donkey Kong Country Returns which seems to be very hard but I want to at least try it. Besides, I gotta see if I play a bit of the endgame parts in Pokemon Black after I transfer my old Pokemon from SoulSilver version.

This all means that gaming-wise, this is going to be a very busy summer. I'm probably going to end up playing about half of the stuff I just mentioned because I'll spend two weeks outside the country and I might also take the opportunity to you know, do stuff outside gaming, like going to football games, hanging out outside, organizing barbecues and watching movies and anime series.

What I'm sure about is that fortunately, I have a LOT of games available at all times, I'm really lucky for it and am extremely grateful. What I really need to do is make up my mind when deciding which games I'm going to start and write about here in the blog.

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