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Super Mario Bros movie article incoming

In the past days, HBO has been airing the old Super Mario Bros movie from 1993. I had not watched it in many years and though it's not my favorite movie, I really enjoyed it and had a lot of laughs when comparing it to the world in the videogames, especially the ones after Super Mario 64 which came out in 1996. 

The thing is that after commenting a few times on twitter about the movie, I got a few replies from someone who has an account and a website with tons of info about the movie, stuff like early scripts, costume and creature designs, photos of the actors and cool things like that. The person asked me if I was going to review the movie here and though that was definitely not on my plans, I decided to give it a try.

While I do go to the theater a lot with my girlfriend and always watch movies at home, I don't feel like I have enough knowledge as to give a technical review since I don't know much about photography, camera work and that sort of thing.

But since SMB is a movie inspired by the most famous videogame character ever created, I'm gonna give it a try, focusing the article mostly on comparisons between the movie's world and characters with the games from that era and post-SM64.

Just like DiRT 3 and Pokemon Black's reviews. I'm going to try to have it ready during this week while HBO still airs the movie. I don't expect it to be my best article but I'll do my best to keep it as elaborate as possible.

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