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Figures Wish-List August 2011

As the figure collector that I am, there's always quite a few that I want to buy. Usually, I don't keep track of the ones I want and just buy them if I find them at good prices either at stores around here or on But now that I'm slowly and completely falling in love with the Play Arts Kai brand, I decided to make a wish-list of the figures I want from every brand in here, with two or three pictures of each to easily make a decision when the time to spend money on one or two comes:

I'll start with the Play Arts Kai brand which recently announced the release of several figures from games like Street Fighter, God of War, Halo and Uncharted. The last two are very important to me, given the love I feel for those series. Luckily, they announced the main protagonists of each one: Nathan Drake and the Master Chief. Taking from the pictures posted online from the Comic-Con 2011, the figures look insane and even at the usual price of ~40$ I'll eventually invest in both of them.

-  Master Chief: 

I totally love this figure, and the best thing is that Play Arts Kai usually look better in real than in pictures (it happened to me with my FFXIII Kais). The Master Chief looks very imposing and the detail on his Mjolnir armor are incredible. Also, looks like he'll come with the pistol and assault rifle, I'd like him to bring at least one Covenant weapon, a Plasma Rifle would be cool. Without any question, I'm buying him

-  Nathan Drake:

This Nathan Drake Kai is wearing his Uncharted 3 suit. It looks simply amazing, the clothes seem real and his face is exactly the same as the one in the games. Sometimes, figures don't look much like the characters they're supposed to represent (I have a Cloud Strife with a horrible face), but this Drake is probably the best there will ever be. Another figure I'm 100% sure I'll be buying once it comes out. 

- Emile from Halo Reach:

Emile was my favorite member of Noble Team in Halo Reach. He didn't have much screen time but he was definitely the most badass one in the entire squad. He comes with his usual shotgun and the knife in his shoulder, the armor looks even better than the Master Chief's one in my opinion, and given the size of most Play Arts Kai, I bet he could be the best one out there.

Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII:

While I wasn't a big fan of him when I played FFXII originally, his fighting style in Dissidia 012 was so great that I started to like Gabranth a lot. Then I learned that he was available as a Kai figure and one of my internet buddies bought him and told me he's incredible amazing. His armor look extremely good and I'm sure he will look great posed next to Lightning, Vanille and Snow.

The next group are from the normal Play Arts brand, I'm not 100% sure about these ones but they're in my Amazon's wishlist just in case I make a sudden decision given that they're usually much cheaper than the Kai brand. As far as I'm concerned, the regular Play Arts are great but not as big and detailed as the Kai ones, in fact, I own the three girls from FFX-2 and the difference with the FFXIII Kais is obvious, still, I'd like to own these but as I said, I'm not completely sure about them.

 Ashe - Final Fantasy XII
 Yuffie - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
 Vincent - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
 Auron - Final Fantasy X
Reno - Final Fantasy VII

As you can see, all of them are from Final Fantasy. They look great and their prices aren't very high, usually staying around 20$ . Auron and Ashe look very good and in case of making the decision, I'd probably buy them first.

The next one is from the BOME Brand which is from a Japanese sculptor who makes figures of anime and gaming girls. I already own four of these and they're insane.

KOS-MOS - Xenosaga trilogy:

KOS-MOS from the very obscure trilogy of JRPGs Xenosaga is rarely available as a BOME figure. If she's like the other figures from the series I've seen in real life, then I'm sure she's going to be very beautiful and perfectly detailed. One of my friends actually owns her from what I can remember and the ironic thing is that she never played the games so, after a few years of having the figure, I'm going to ask her if she's willing to sell it to me. If we can agree a good price, I'll buy it.

Next, some very beautiful girl figures that I know I'll never own because they're extremely expensive, with prices of around 120-140 dollars each. It's not worth it because I could simply get three Kais with the price of one of these, still, they're great and will stay in my wish-list in case I get very lucky and find one at a decent price someday (which will never happen but well...). I'll post the pictures just for sharing purposes:

Menace - Queen's Blade:

This one I'd really really like to own one day given that Menace was my favorite character from Queen's Blade, an anime series that I liked much more than I expected at first. The figure is very pretty and I've seen a couple pictures of her posed in people's rooms and she looks big, about the size of a Play Arts Kai. Apparently, the breast plate is removable but I'm not really interested in that, (If I were, I'd just say it, this is my fucking blog after all). The ridiculous thing here for me is not the figure but the retarded amount of money people ask for her in both Amazon and eBay. Still, I'd love to have her one day and will keep a close eye to see if I find it, even if it's used. 

Melona - Queen's Blade:

Melona is from Queen's Blade as well, I believe this figure is from the same brand as the Menace one I showed before. I like the details in her hair and how she has some of the fluid she's made of at her feet. She's not very common so finding pictures of this Melona statue is somewhat difficult. I don't think I'll ever have this one because in the case of buying another QB statue, I'd go for Menace, still, I think this Melona is very beautiful.

This girl is an "elf" from the MMO game Lineage 2. I never played the game in my life but I found an article about the figure while browsing Google searching for something else. She is very very beautiful but sadly, it's very expensive as well, just like the QB ones. I won't buy her because I don't even know who she is but I gotta admit her beauty struck me like the fist of an angry god.

Then, there's the "Diamond Select" brand of Marvel and the "Marvel Universe" figures. I already have one of them: Deadpool, which I already posted here a couple times. But when I started browsing the other ones I found several cool characters which I'd like to own. They're not even half as detailed and perfectly done as the Japanese Play Arts and Bomes or the McFarlane figures but well...

I like Iron Man and Hulk a lot and curiously, I don't have any figures of them. They could be great additions to my collection. I already own a trio of EXCELLENT Spider-Man figures, the normal one, the symbiote one and Venom. (I need to upload some pics of them because I just recently found and cleaned them), so the Spidey one I'm showing here wouldn't necesarily come. 

The Marvel select and Marvel Universe series has a lot of figures but most are minor character or versions of important ones in weird forms I've never seen like Zombie Hulk for example or "Spider-Girl" which I have to admit didn't even know existed. But the truth is that, for Marvel heroes, I'd go safe with the most common versions of the most important characters which would be Iron Man, Hulk, Ghost Rider, Cap America, Wolverine and Thor. Any versions of the figures will do.

Besides those, another of my personal favorite brands of figures: McFarlance Toys. I've been a McFarlane collector since I was a kid, especially with the Spawn and Monster figures. I also own a couple of the Halo 3 figures from the brand (Master Chief and Hayabusa Spartan armor). In my personal opinion, the McFarlance brand is the only one able to compete with the best ones from Japan because the details, size and expressions of the characters are simply outstanding. The ones I want right now are:

Neo Classic Spawn

 Manga Robot Spawn

 Cyber Spawn
 Classic Spawn
Tiffany the Amazon

After checking most of the McFarlane figures available in Amazon, those are the ones I liked the most. There are many others but they are the only ones I'd actually spend money on. Surprisingly for me, they're not expensive at all. The only ones above 20 dollars are Tiffany (25, 15 used) and the Classic Spawn statue (35$), so they're excellent options for me.

That's about it, take in count that all these, except for the expensive ladies would be bought in a very long time. It's not like I have a thousand dollars ready to spend on figurines. The ones who take the most priority are the four Play Arts Kai which I should be buying by October, maybe November. Then I'd take Christmas to organize what I'm going to buy from the list in the holidays. Of course, if anything is added to the list, I'll upload it to keep my figure wish-list as updated as possible.

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