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Gaming novels incoming next month

A thing that got me interested in the last days is that I want to read gaming novels. This monday I purchased a couple of the Splinter Cell ones in a local bookstore and I haven't started any of them since I'm saving them for my trip to Argentina. But I talked to my dad about buying some cheap ones from Amazon and he said yes, after the trip. Excellent.

I'm currently interested in the three Halo novels I don't already own, Contact Harvest, Ghost of Onyx and The Cole Protocol. I already own Fall of Reach, First Strike and The Flood and they're excellent. Fortunately they come in a bundled box at 16 dollars, very cheap so I'm definitely getting them.

Another one that I'm actually interested is the Ico novel that came out just a few days ago. I own the original PS2 game (that is extremely tricky to find nowdays I must say) and to be honest, I got bored of it about halfway through, but I think a book is a much better way to tell the story about how the horned boy and the white princess walk around the empty castle.

Besides those, I think I'm gonna give a chance to the Unreal novels, they're VERY cheap (if you get them used), one of them is actually being sold at three dollars, I can't let an opportunity like that escape, and finally the Mass Effect ones, there are three of them according to a friend and I could get them to have a good small library of gaming books to read in the following months and 2012.

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