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Gaming update 09-08-11

I'm actually getting a little hooked into MvC3 again which is surprising given all the shit I've talked about the game (and that I still think about it). But playing with Deadpool and my other characters is just too fun and over the last two days I've been playing through Arcade mode a few times. I'm getting the hang of Iron-Man and Dante.

Halo 1's campaign is over. God I love that game, it's incredible. I can't wait for the remake to come out. I actually heard it won't have online multiplayer, not sure about it but if it is true then 343 made a bad decision. But well, there's still Reach anyway. I'm going to start Halo 2 today, I haven't played it since 2008 and I really feel like going through the campaign again. I think I'm actually one of the very few who liked the Arbiter missions in Halo 2.

I wasn't able to get into Monster Hunter because the guys I got together with to play it have the EU version of Freedom Unite, and it seems my NA one is not compatible. Too bad, I was actually very excited about this. So I spent the entire Saturday afternoon playing DOA Dimensions with this group of guys. They're not very good so I'm not having a hard time winning over and over again but well.

I'm also planning on finally writing DiRT 3 and Pokémon Black reviews which I haven't done because I keep forgetting. I'd like to have them done before I travel so I'll definitely do my best to have them ready by then. Besides that I'm probably going to finish watching Code Geass and write an article about it. 

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