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Halo 2 is over!

I just finished my 25th or so run of Halo 2. I started just after the Arbiter is sent near the control room by the Gravemind and he finds out about Halo's true purpose and the Prophets betrayal. The game is much harder than Halo 1. I died a fucking whole lot during the entire campaign. If it were 2004 or 2005 I'd definitely make another run of the game just to try and die less but I can't, since Halo 3 will be starting tomorrow.

What I'm trying to do is to finish all five Halo games made by Bungie before my trip to have everything fresh and just because I felt like doing it. I'm planning on starting the RPG I've been wanting to play after I come back to Venezuela. I think I'll do Star Ocean 4 and then Blue Dragon if I finish watching its anime series.

Besides the campaigns I'm going to play lots of multiplayer and firefight during the weekend to try and get at least a little better at the game. We could try Halo 1, 3 and Reach since we can't play Halo 2 at my friend's house becuase he refuses to connect his consoles to the internet. Oh well, I'd have loved to try a few runs of Lockout and Ivory Tower. So, expect a few Halo 3 posts during the rest of the week. I'd like to have it finished by friday to then go to ODST during the weekend.

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