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Halo 3 is over

I finished Halo 3's campaign tonight. The truth is that I think this is the worst of all five Halo campaigns made by Bungie. The game is very good but the expectations Halo 2 originally made were not met in the Xbox 360 game, several parts are very annoying, like the revisit of High Charity or the ending with the warthog.

I wanted to finish all the campaigns before my trip but I don't think I'll have enough time, I only have tuesday, wednesday and thursday to play because I'm leaving on friday morning. I could have time to finish ODST but I fear that I'm gonna have to travel and leave it unfinished. But no matter what, ODST and Reach will be replayed after I come back from Argentina.

Something else that's bothering me a little is that I want to play something while I'm on the trip even though I'm going to be on lots and lots of tours around several cities, but in the capital, Buenos Aires I could take the opportunity and play a little in the hotel rooms before going to bed. I'm mostly thinking about Ocarina of Time 3D, which I haven finished yet and Dissidia 012 but I could add something like Tactics Ogre or Star ocean 1 and 2, just to mess around.

I will also take a couple of anime series with me to watch on the planes and hotel rooms, most likely Code Geass and Blue Dragon, to advance as much as the trip allows me. I will do my best to post some updates here in Argentina, I expect the hotels to have PCs for the customers or even wi-fi connection to be able to post from my iPod, PSP or 3DS. 

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