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Halo campaign update

In the last two days I've been advancing in Halo 1's campaign. I'm in love with this game, definitely one of the best FPS in any console. You can see clearly why the entire franchise is so famous and usually called the real bringer of the genre to the home consoles. 

I'm currently in the middle of the Library, the most annoying level in the game. It's the level where every room is exactly the same and the only way to know which way to go is to search for Guilty Spark which is incredibly annoying. Besides that the entire thing is filled with tons and tons of Flood creatures both big and small. 

I died a few times in one part so I decided to stop and keep trying tomorrow. If everything goes OK I should finish the game by Sunday so I can start with Halo 2 immediately which I haven't played since 2008 or so when I did a run of the entire trilogy before moving to my new place.

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