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Halo: Combat Evolved new run

After spending the early-night watching a couple of Marvel animated movies and X-men: First Class (which I liked a lot) I went and started another run of the original Halo: Combat Evolved. It's probably about the 30th time I'm going to finish this game but it's greatness is so vast that every run is worth it.

I managed to complete the first two missions, Pillar of Autumn and Halo. Then went and advanced about halfway through Truth and Reconciliation, I'm playing the game on Heroic difficulty because I want a challenge, but not a run through hell itself.

Something amazing happened inside the T&R ship, when the two hunters arrived just after boarding it. I went to fight one with my Assault Rifle and Plasma Pistol while a lone marine stayed fighting the other. I was already preparing myself to fight both hunters because the marine was obviously gonna die but to my surprise, the courageous dude actually killed his hunter faster than me. Amazing!

If it weren't because it's 3:30am and I don't want to turn down the volume of the game I would keep going with it  but I'll just continue with this adventure tomorrow. If everything goes according to plan, I'd like to finish all five Halo games by August 26th, the day of my trip. Once I come back from it I'll start a JRPG to be sure I won't stay away from a game I haven't played for two entire weeks while I'm out of the country.

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