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Halo gameplay, new anime series and gaming novels that I want

I spent the entire weekend playing Halo games with my buddies and I enjoyed it a lot. I went to a friend's house and started with a little of Halo 2's campaign because we were four and only had two Xbox 360 controllers so we couldn't play multiplayer. We played a bit of the High Charity mission I'm currently at in my personal run before moving on to Halo Reach.
Then we started to compete a little to see which team could get the more points at Firefight in Legendary difficulty. After a few tries we managed to get around 20k points in each match which is not much but it means that we started to learn how to stand our ground when fighting the Elites and Hunters, the two strongest and most difficult-to-kill races in the Covenant in that game.
We then moved on to ODST's firefight and Halo 3's campaign. We're very excited about Halo 1's remake and will probably be spending much of our gaming time in these games when we are together. I feel like starting to become more frequent in Reach's multiplayer. I even might play a few matches tomorrow night.
In other news, I went to a local mall with a few anime stores with my friend because he wanted to get a few DVDs from a list he made. I ended up buying a few series myself. I got my hands in K-On, FLCL, Valkyria Chronicles (I loved the PS3 game and didn't even know an anime of it existed to be honest), Samurai Champloo, Princess Mononoke and Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls.
Since I spend so much of my free time on gaming, it is gonna take a while before I watch all of these series and write my articles about them but I know they will be ready eventually. Hell, I haven't even finished watching Blue Dragon and Code Geass, even though I like them a LOT. But well, I think I will be watching them slowly but steadily.
In the mall, I also got my hands in one of Mai Shiranui's plastic figures. Mai is the bouncy ninja from the SNK games Fatal Fury and King of Fighters, she's very famous and her figure is usually available at extremely ridiculous prices like 250$. In fact, I didn't even post her in my figure article the other day because I think the price is too high for a figure that is not the best I've seen, but the chinese girl in the store was selling Mai at an equivalent to around 50 bucks so I saw a great opportunity to invest in her and probably sell her in the future. I was saving that money for one or two games in my trip but oh well. I'll post a group of figures of the statue tomorrow maybe.
Then, I'm actually thinking about investing a little in gaming novels. One of the things I've always believed I need to do is read books, and given the career I'm studying it's logical. Now, don't get me wrong, I read a fucking whole lot, just not actual books. But the truth is that sometimes I get bored when sitting in my bed reading a book and I know that I need to change that pronto. 
So I've been thinking about starting with small and easy-to-read novels from gaming worlds. I read the Halo novel "Fall of Reach" about a year or so ago and I loved it. There are several very cheap ones available in Amazon like a couple books from Unreal, a very old game from 1998 that is actually one of my favorite FPS games ever, their prices are about 4 or 5 dollars for the used ones and I think I'll give them a try.
There are also the Splinter Cell novels available in my local bookstores and they look very interesting. The Mass Effect novels are also in Amazon but there are so many of them that I don't know where to begin. Fortunately, one of my best friends is a huge Mass Effect fan and he actually read a couple of the books so I'll just ask him.

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