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Halo Reach finished!

I just finished Halo Reach, I was much closer to the ending than I thought at first. I hate the Jackals in this game, they're so annoying, especially the shielded ones when you don't have a DMR or Needle Rifle available. Still, I enjoyed the game a LOT, I'd actually like to go through the entire series again and hell I might actually do it.

Reach is probably my favorite game in the series, the weapon balance is great, just like in Halo 1 (with the exception of Combat Evolved's shitty Needler). As a matter of fact, I didn't use the human weapons very much, except the DMR which is clearly the best in the game. I also LOVE the freaking Elites in this game, they're probably and most likely the best enemy I've fought in a first person shooter.

After I finished the game, I decided to change the helmet and colors of my Spartan, I always used a purple/green variant with the Military Police helmet. Now I'll play with a ODST helmet in a yellow/blue color variant. I'd like to try my hand at the multiplayer again, see if I can practice enough to get at least half as good as my friends and probably earn the right to unlock some of the helmets that require higher rankings.

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