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Halo Reach halfway through

I started Halo Reach tonight and played it a LOT. I'm a little after Kat gets killed by a luck Jackal Sniper. I'm going to do everything in my power to finish it tomorrow night. I hope it can be done. I'm using the DMR, Covenant Sniper and plasma weapons a lot, I don't find the Assault Rifle very useful, especially for the Elites and Brutes. 

The game is hard, I'm dying a lot but I'm enjoying it, that's what's important. I like running around trying to find the best way to kill my enemies. One thing that I find curious is that the Warthog's machine gun is much weaker in this game than in the previous entries, you can notice that when trying to destroy a small Covenant ghost or banshee.

I think the game should be over in about two or three more hours of gameplay, I hope I get enough time to do it becaose tomorrow will be a very busy day. I'm going out to have lunch with my girlfriend and then I need to prepare my bags for the trip. 

In other news, I have a kinda big idea to implement in the blog but before elaborating it or even try to work on it, I'll take the trip as an opportunity to plan things in a better way. In short, what I want to do is to slowly turn the blog into a site with gaming news, since I noticed that I haven't used the news tab at all. Another thing would be to fill the videos and music tag with at least 5 videos every week. Again, I'll plan things and elaborate the whole thing once I come back from Argentina.

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