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I might be starting a play Monster Hunter

In a few hours, after getting some sleep, I'll be joining my new group of "portable gamers". A group of fellow players who get together once every two weeks to play games in portable consoles, that means DS, PSP and 3DS. A few of the ones I've befriended are somewhat serious Monster Hunter players.

They're currently playing the third one for the PSP, which is Japanese only but they get access to it via piracy (take that Capcom!). I mentioned to them that I own Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii and Freedom Unite for the PSP and they say they could teach me all the basics and go back to FU to play it with me. 

Given the vast popularity the game has, even outside Japan. I see this as an interesting opportunity to see for real what the games have to offer. So, besides the usual Pokemon and DOA: Dimensions, I'll be trying my hand at MHFU. If I like it and see that it won't take up all my gaming time, I might get into it, at least casually at first.

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