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Last entry before my trip

In just a few hours, I'll be heading over to the airport for a trip to Argentina and maybe Uruguay with my dad. As I already said, I'm going to be out for two and a half weeks and I really don't expect to be able to blog from there, even if I get my hands on a comfortable wi-fi connection since I'm going to be focusing much more on actually enjoying the trip and going out a lot on my own.

So, there will be almost three entire weeks of inactivity in the blog, if you read this site for any reason, I'm not done with the site and haven't given up on it, on the contrary, I have huge plans to start working on it with lots of motivation and help from the outside to turn this place in a small but effective and rather cool gaming site with news, videos, screens, reviews, previews, etc. Instead of just posting my activities, which will still happen, but well.

The anime and comics updates will resume when I get back as well, so expect a lot of activity in this place starting in the second week of September. I'm going to give special treat to the games I care the most, like Uncharted 3, Halo Anniversary, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Final Fantasy XIII-2, among others of course.

Wish me luck and a great trip around a great country like Argentina, I hope I'll be able to endure the cold down there. See you all soon!

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