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Mai Shiranui's figure pictures

As I mentioned in yesterday's entry. I got the world-famous figure of Mai Shiranui from the King of Fighters videogame franchise. While she's very beautiful and all I gotta say that it's no my favorite figure. First of all, it was clearly owned by at least one person before me because the blister was in a horrible shape and I can't help but notice that she has some serious and sudden changes of skin color in several parts of her body.

Her arms, face and breasts are colored extremely differently than her legs and butt. I believe this might be the result of degradation of the painting over the years, lets remember that this figure is actually from the early 2000s. I don't know exactly.

I like it a lot but I don't think I'll be showing her in my room right now because she's way too big to be posed next to Menace and the BOMEs, and if I try to put her next to my McFarlane or Marvel figures, things will look extremely awkward. So I don't really think I'll be showing her. In fact, I might take the opportunity and probably just wait a few years and sell her in the future. I'll have to do something about the broken box though.

Anyway, here are the pics:

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  1. Hi Mike i think you got the bootleg version you might want to ask the one who sold you that, the authentic version looks like this

    here are some indicators for the bootleg version:

  2. Hey buddy you're right! Mine is most likely a bootleg, that would definitely explain why I was able to get it MUCH cheaper than the online prices in a local anime store.

    I never thought it would be that but I still like my figure a lot, still, thanks for the info dude!

  3. no problem, I just wish sellers will be more honest to clueless buyers like me if what they selling is just a copy, i also bought a Max Fac Chunli not knowing it was a BL.... i still love her though but i bought a genuine one shes prettier