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The new Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters look sweet

Other the past few weeks six new characters that will be available in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 were revealed, two of them yesterday. In Capcom's side we'll get Strider, Nemesis and Firebrand while in Marvel's one we'll be able to play as Hawkeye, Ghost Rider and Dr Strange.

I gotta say that I'm personally excited about Strider and Ghost Rider, this last one should have been in the game to begin with in my opinion but well... His combos looks very sweet and he doesn't seem very hard to play as. In the other hand, Strider looks like another version of Zero, Wolverine or Felicia. I don't think he'll be very easy to use but his moves definitely look amazing.

Now, the curious thing is that I don't like MvC3's battle system very much because it forces people to just watch as they're being victims of a combo without the possibility of defending themselves, among other things. But I'll definitely get my hands on UMvC3 to see what it is about. If you ask me which characters I'd like to see, well of course Megaman and Venom.

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