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About my trip and possible lack of post in early-September

This post here is more of a personal thing rather than something related to gaming, anime, comics or figure collecting, the stuff I usually talk about in the forum. But I feel the need to make it because if for any reason you follow my blog and the articles on it, starting on August 26th I might be unable to post for two weeks.

I've mentioned before that I'm going on a trip but never said where. I'm going to Argentina to visit several cities in the south of the country, taking the opportunity that it is winter down there. I'll be traveling with my father and if I'm lucky I'll be seeing a friend who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital.

I'll be staying in good hotels and I assume that they will all offer internet connection by either free wi-fi which I would be accessing from my iPod Touch or by offering actual computers. If its the latter, I'll be able to post at least once or twice each of the two weeks with whatever I can say about gaming and geeky stuff I find down in Argentina.

Besides the tours around the glaciers, food, museums and all those things I'm really excited about, I'll be constantly trying to find stores with geek stuff on them to see if my trip can actually get me some interesting material for the blog. 

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