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Catherine first impressions!

I didn't really think I was going to buy this game but when I had to make the decision between it and Alice: Madness Returns (which I already mentioned I wanted to buy here). I decided for Catherine because I feel that, where I live, Catherine will become harder to find in the future while Alice will just accumulate dust in the local stores.

I started it today and I'm glad to say that the things the demo show you are not even half of the stuff available in the game. Anyone interested on it must know that Catherine is more of a erotic animated story than video game. Sure, it has a lot of puzzles with tons of stuff to do, but the real deal here is the story. 

I've liked everything that I've seen so far. According to the game itself, there are eight levels and I'm currently on the third one. The story is about a guy named Vincent who is in the middle of a love triangle with two girls, one named Catherine and the other... Katherine. When he goes to bed at night, he starts having nightmares where he's trapped in a mountain of blocks and has to climb up as fast as he can to escape.

So, the gameplay has you climbing over countless levels of blocks where you push and pull them, use items, get money to purchase stuff and so on and outside the puzzles, you'll be able to control Vincent at a bar where he usually hangs out with his friends. I got very surprised at the amount of things you can do at the bar. You can talk to people, play an arcade machine, have drinks, answer to your text messages in Vincent's phone and even watch the news of the day in the TV.

But what I like the most about it so far is the animation in the videos and the voice acting. It's incredible to the point where I think the developers should make some kind of movie or small animated series about this story, aimed to the public who isn't interested at all in climbing thousands of blocks (trust me, I've seen a LOT of people on the internet who are interested in the story but not in the gameplay).

The experience is getting really good, much better than I thought it was going to be, and I'm happy about it because I paid a lot for the game, it was worth it. But as I already mentioned, the game is very different from what we are all used to in platformers, fighting games or shooters. As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure if Catherine is a puzzle game or just a "movie with some gameplay". Still, the game is very good and I recommend it a lot, at least as a rental if you're able to rent it where you live.

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