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Dead or Alive 5 pre-alpha trailer

I've been a little inactive the past week, mostly because I was resting from the trip and seeing my girlfriend and buddies but starting today I'm back into posting here. The first thing I want to talk about is obviously the Dead or Alive 5 trailer, which I liked a LOT. Even though I don't trust Hayashi's Team Ninja as I trusted Itagaki's one.

From a hardcore DOA player's point of view there are a few things that I noticed in the trailer. First, look at when Ryu does his charged mid punch. In DOA Dimensions, this move allows him to launch a fireball which got most fans of the series, myself included really angry. In the 3DS entry, as soon as he moves back the fireball starts charging, but in the DOA5 trailer it simply looks like the DOA4 mid punch which could mean that fireballs are gone.

On the other hand, at the end of the trailer, Hayate does some kind of ultra-combo that looks like it's going to throw Ryu to another part of the stage. I seriously hope this is just a pretty animation for the stages transitions and not an intro to an ultra-combo system in Dead or Alive. Only time will tell, another thing that I'm happy about is that Hayate looks very cool, he doesn't feel like a travesty wearing Ayane's clothes.

Graphically, it looks amazing and the stage is incredible, how everything starts to break while the fight itself is happening got me in awe. I can't wait to see Jann Lee, Helena, Kasumi and the others and especially, the new characters! Team Ninja usually introduces four in each DOA game (Leon, Ayane, Ein and Helena for DOA2/ Hitomi, Brad Wong, Christie and Hayate for DOA3 / Eliot, Kokoro, Lisa and Nicole for DOA4 / Alpha 152, Raidou, Genra and Kasumi Alpha for Dimensions).

Given that the game will be multiplatform, I can assume that Nicole will be gone, unless she's left there for the Xbox 360 version, which could be awesome. And if Itagaki's way of thinking stays in the company, everyone else will make it to DOA5, including Ein and Tengu. I could really live without the retarded bosses from Dimensions.

Something else that caught my eye was the girl who appears in the reveal poster. I've been a DOA player since I was a very young teenager and I recognize Hitomi's face in there, but the hair is reddish, and the only redhead in DOA's universe is Kasumi. So either Hitomi dyed her hair red or we're looking at a new girl who just happens to look a little like Hitomi. (Let's remember that when DOA4 was revealed back in 2005, everyone, including myself thought Kokoro was just an next-gen Leifang.)

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