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I feel like I just took a very heavy weight off my back now that my Little Big Planet 2 review is up. I think it came along just fine, let's see what the people over Twitter think about it. Now the only review I'm really behind with is Pokemon Black, which I'm not even sure if I'll ever going to write now that I got Catherine, Resistance 3 and the other new games coming. 

What I'm sure about is that my next game review will be Star Fox 64 3D. In fact, I'll probably have it ready by friday or maybe even earlier. I haven't finished the game because I haven't played it much to be honest, I like it a lot but Resistance 3, Little Big Planet 2, Catherine and the N64 emulator took my entire gaming time since I bought it but now that R3 is over I'm going to spend some time on Star Fox to try and finish it a couple times over different routes and try my hand again at the competitive mode. 

After Star Fox 64, I assume I'll be reviewing both Catherine and Resistance 3. Mass Effect 2 will probably take more time because I haven't even started it and probably won't for a few days (maybe weeks). I fortunately already have the money for F1 2011 and Forza 4. I'll get F1 for the Xbox 360 so I can get another free game at my local store with the purchase of both games on the same console.

Besides the gaming stuff, I'll also resume watching the anime series I stopped watching for some reason and try to write a little more about them. I just don't want the blog to be filled with Anime and Figure collecting since the whole idea of it is talking about gaming, the other geeky activities are supposed to be a secondary thing and I'll try to keep it that way. 

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