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I e-mailed Nintendo about a new Wave Race game

After spending some time in the emulators playing Wave Race 64 again I decided to e-mail Nintendo to see if I got any luck and get any info on a possible remake for the 3DS or a new game in the franchise for the Wii U. This is what I wrote:

"Hello Nintendo, My name is Miguel and I'm a gamer from Caracas, Venezuela. A small country in northern Latin-America. I'm writing to you guys tonight because I'm wondering what the situation is regarding the now-forgotten series Wave Race. I've recently unpacked my N64 and Gamecube and played both of the games you guys developed for it and in my personal and humble opinion, they're definitely two of the best games the company has ever done. 

So I'm wondering if there are any plans for a Wave Race 64 remake on the 3DS or if a completely new game in the series is in development or will be developed for the upcoming Wii U. Again, In my opinion, the current situation in the gaming industry where HD graphics and realistic physics are becoming more and more common could be the perfect scenario for the franchise. A Wave Race game taking advantage of the current systems would be more than welcome and could get a seriously positive response from the public in terms of reviews, sales, etc. I would really like to get an answer on this because I'm a big fan of the Wave Race series and I seriously feel that Nintendo needs to come up with a new entry so all the franchises that have made the company what they are can be available for the current-generations systems. Sincerely yours, Miguel Nieto."

I tried to be as polite and clear as possible because I suppose they get thousands of mails like this on a daily basis and I think it came along fine. To my surprise, a response arrived at my inbox this morning but with no good news about the future of Wave Race:


At this time, a new Wave Race gamehas not been announced for release here in the Americas.   More importantly, we do not have any information that tells us this game will or won’t be announced, but I will pass along your comments to the departments which make those decisions.

We often hear from excited fans asking if a particular game is going to be announced.  I don’t want to dampen any excitement you feel about the game, but I want to make it clear that until Nintendo makes an official announcement of a particular game there is nothing we have to share about it—regardless of any rumors you may have heard or announcements from Nintendo subsidiaries elsewhere in the world.

If or when we do make an official announcement about such a game, we will share all the exciting details on our website (  Until that happens, we appreciate your patience and ask that you continue checking the website.


Shawn Ford
Nintendo of America Inc."

I really hope Nintendo comes up with an idea for a new game in the series for the next generation. I really do believe the Wii U could be the perfect scenario for a game like that, taking advantage of the cool things that make current gaming what it is, like physics, HD graphics, 3D, etc.

Because seriously, think about it. Wave Race games were always made by Nintendo to show off the power of their consoles and their abilities to make great games. As a matter of fact, Miyamoto himself claimed several years ago that WR64 uses about 85% of the power of the N64 (without the expansion pack of course), that’s about the same as Ocarina of Time and more than Super Mario 64 so imagine that.

A weather system where the waves in the ocean could be controlled by physics is something I never stop dreaming about. Or a game where I can create my own racer and put him amazing outfits and decorate my jetski. It could seriously top many of the racing games who are famous right now like Gran Turismo 5 and all those if done right. But well, I can only dream and hope that one of these days, Nintendo will make the announcement I’m hoping for. 

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