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I "redesigned" the reviews page

For the past days I've been wanting to make some decorations on the reviews page. I wanted to have little banners of the games I've reviewed as the links to the actual texts but I didn't know how to do it or if it was even possible but I decided to try my hand with the blog's options and it came out fine.

Now, instead of just having an ugly text as the link to the reviews, there's a really small image that represents each game and by clicking on it, you'll go to the review. I'd actually like to have them one next to the other instead of above but Blogger was being a pain about it, I'll keep trying to do that tomorrow because I think it's going to look even better that way. I hope everyone likes it and finds it easier to find the reviews now. You can go to the reviews page by clicking here or just looking for it in the upper side of the blog.

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