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New games and comics that I got

In my trip to Argentina I noticed that the prices of the games over there are actually more expensive than in Venezuela so I didn't get any games over there. But once I got back in touch with my buddies who work on the local game store, they told me about this crazy deal they had for Resistance 3 release. I purchased it along with Catherine and got Mass Effect 2 for free! I originally wanted to get it for the Xbox 360 to transfer my save from the first game but well, I didn't pay a penny for it so it's awesome AND I get some of the DLC.

I saw that Starfox 64 3D was already available for the 3DS and bought it as well since I played it at some friend's meeting and liked it a lot. I never played the original N64 version so this is my first time on it, the single player is really fun but looks very short, but the multiplayer is very cool.

I'm currently downloading a big-ass update for Resistance 3 which I wanted to start playing today but it's gonna have to wait until tomorrow because I'm tired already. One of the things I hate about this gaming generation is that you can't usually just purchase a game and start playing it right away, there's always an annoying update available, especially on the PS3. 

Getting back to the trip, I did buy some random comics in the streets in Buenos Aires, I got a couple volumes of Spider-man, Avengers and Wolverine and besides those, some bigger "especial edition" comics for Spider-man, Deadpool and Captain America. I haven't read them all but will do during the week. Look at the pictures:

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